Business Transactions

Recent Transactions

  • Completed sale of ½ interest in engineering company for $3,000,000 with short-term vendor take-back financing.

  • Completed sale of one third interest of medical services business for $125,000 with termination of shareholder liabilities and debt.

  • Completed sale of software development company to Apple Computer for $5,000,000 with ongoing employment contracts for 5 principals.

  • Completed purchase of Petro-Canada franchise and service station for $250,000.

  • Completed sale of tangible assets of biotech company for $500,000 with short term vendor financing.

  • Completed acquisition of one third shareholder interest in software and hardware development company with retention of shareholder as contractor.

  • Completed equity freeze of founder’s interest in family operated construction company.

  • Completed preliminary due diligence on health services company and assisted client with termination of offer to purchase.

  • Negotiated full recovery of $250,000 on contract dispute.